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  • SMB - Small and medium businesses

  • All Nippon Airways Co. Ltd, Japan shifts its PBX systems to the cloud.

  • Challenges: Due to an aging PBX system, the company wanted to review its voice infrastructure from a cost and function perspective, and to establish a new working style that is not limited by time or location.

    Solution: Introduced a cutting-edge voice service platform based on Arcstar UCaaS that integrates functions including a web directory and MDM.

    Benefits: A cloud-based voice platform supporting multiple carriers and devices allowed the company to accelerate the transition to the new working style and reduced annual costs by approximately 400 million yen.


  • McDonald’s Franchisee Lowers Phone Bill 35% and Achieves Highest Regional Uptime with Hosted VoIP.
  • In 2010 McDonald’s franchisee decided to switch to advanced & robust communication system for 20 of their restaurants in USA.

    Although phone service for the franchisee’s 20 restaurants was being hosted by a local Internet Service Provider (ISP), costs were out of control and downtime was a constant problem.

    With the service contract about to end, the McDonald’s franchisee asked the consultant looked for a replacement system.

    Analyzing McDonald’s requirement, consultant suggested the idea of a hosted solution that would help McDonald’s keep their TCO [total cost of ownership] down.

    Since switching to hosted solution, McDonald’s phone costs have gone down 35%, which is less than half the cost of traditional landline service.

    Downtime has also been dramatically reduced.

    Hosted IP communication solution offered easy-to-use, web-based system administration features, which enabled McDonald’s to configure phone features for the restaurants.

    The idea of a Hosted IP communication solution turns out to be an Amazingly Reliable Phone System that “Just Works” for McDonald’s.